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In England, 'Terrier' was an all embracing term for any dog that would catch and kill vermin, no matter what color, shape or size. Generic terminology was used with the 'types' distinguished by their coats as either smooth or wired, the place of origin, their owner or for their purpose.

The Rat Terrier was bred to be a real rat hunter. This terrier was developed by using the lines of the Smooth Fox Terrier ancestors with additional infusions of the Italian Greyhound (for speed), the Beagle, the Manchester and Bull Terriers. All these wonderful bloodlines produced what we know and love today...The RAT TERRIER!

The Rat Terrier comes in a variety of sizes. They are great with children and other animals. They make great little watch dogs as well as excellent companions. They are an 'affectionatemagnet', and love to be where you are! They have a great zest for life, are endlessly entertaining, and just a great companion all the way around. The Rat Terrier has the smooth coat which requires little and easy grooming. A weekly brushing keeps them looking great along with a bath when needed. They have two ear sets, the tipped ear and the erect ear set. Both are correct for the breed.

A popular farm and family dog in the twenty's and forty's, the Rat Terrier is once again regaining popularity and finding their way into the hearts and homes across the globe. On the farm, in the city...and everywhere in between, the Rat Terrier makes a wonderful, smart, loyal, and loveable companion!

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